ENFUZE is a brand that seeks to bring more fun and ease into the lives of children living with bleeding disorders. I noticed there was a severe lack of branding and products geared toward kids in this community that was not simply a pre-established medically-based brand repurposed for children's material. ENFUZE may have been my senior thesis, but it will grow to be much more.

The primary products are the ENGAGE booklet, Bleed Recovery Kit, and Quick Reference Sheet.

ENGAGE: A hemophilia guide for cool kids & their adults

What: 44-page booklet created by partnering with experts in the field, and is a teaching tool to be used by children ages 8+ to help them explain their hemophilia and become their own advocates.

Categories: Print layout, branding, identity, typography, illustration, copywriting

Fun fact: Currently being distributed to patients by major metropolitan children's hospitals in the US, and has been sold internationally at-cost on Blurb.


Pick up your own copy of the booklet through Blurb.

Teach your child to be their own advocate!

A hemophilia guide...
By Austine Berry
Photo book

Bleed Recovery Kit

What: Small suitcase with curated activities that allow kids to stay occupied while immobile during recovery.

Contents: LEGOs, colored pencils with blank journal, mini watercolors, modeling clay, branded playing cards, origami paper, do-it-yourself bouncy ball kit, luggage tag.

Categories: Packaging, branding, identity, typography, copywriting

Fun fact: It was designed with the idea of allowing kids and parents to buy add-on kits with various art and STEM-related themes. Light-up wheels allow easy transport for hospital stays.


ENFUZE Exhibition

What: A public showcase of the entire brand.

When/Where: May 7-17, 2015. HGA Gallery, Rapson Hall, University of Minnesota.

Categories: Branding, identity, packaging, retail merchandising, typography, illustration, copywriting

Fun fact: The exhibit included free "brand-ages" (great term, Curt!), colorful adhesive bandages packaged inside branded paper sleeves that were cut and assembled by hand.