In a studio far, far away...

I've decided that I'm going to start a blog, which is a fairly monumental step for me. I've put it off until now thanks to the daunting number of other blogs out there, and their amazing ability to post gorgeous photos and mini novels seemingly every day (while running a four-kid household). But this is just going to be a tool to put my additional work, loves, and rants out there for anyone to read. If it were my choice, I'd put everything in my portfolio, but apparently this is a "bad idea."

So thank you for checking this out, and coming on this wiley design journey with me! I will absolutely not make any promises on how often I'll post, or what kind of content I'll post, but I'll make an effort to make it worth your while. If nothing else, hopefully you'll learn from my mistakes, or I'll help you gain appreciation for the "hidden art" that is design.

Clearly not blowing any minds with this first post, but think of it like ripping off a bandaid. It hurts at first, but then you're glad it's over!